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  • How to Kick Up Your Feet and Relax During Your Pregnancy

    Just say “ahhhhh”. August 15th was #NationalRelaxationDay and there couldn’t be a better time to take it easy than during those nine months of pregnancy. Carrying that extra weight can cause serious back issues and other aches and pains.
  • Men’s Top Sperm Heroes: Fabulous Folate, Testosterone Torrent and More

    Conception can be so mysteriously eluding. Couples experienced with infertility know the utter frustration: why can’t we get pregnant? So many things can impact success or failure – inferior sperm, dietary insufficiencies, poor blood circulation among them – that a man and woman could do nearly everything right and still remain unsuccessful.
  • Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

    Pregnancy hormones tend to raise a woman’s body temperature even during winter and spring when outdoor highs are relatively cool. Unfortunately, when the mercury rises during summer, mothers-to-be will have to make some lifestyle adjustments to stay cool and collected.
  • Your to-do List Before You Get Pregnant

    Pregnancy can be the most rewarding experience of your life, but it can also be the scariest. To minimize anxiety, especially if you are preparing for your first child, there are several steps you can take to ensure a healthy and successful pregnancy.
  • Understanding the Urge to Clean While Pregnant

    A recently published study revealed that the reason pregnant women have a peculiar urge to clean, organize and control their environment is related to a more primal instinct tracing back thousands of years.
  • Health Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

    The practice of yoga has many documented health benefits. But did you know that prenatal yoga has been proven to offer numerous specific benefits to women who are expecting?
  • Healthy and Delicious Pregnancy Meal Ideas

    Eating a healthy, balanced diet is always important, but never more so than during pregnancy. When a woman is “eating for two,” it is essential to prepare healthy pregnancy meals that offer a rich array of vitamins and minerals to keep you nourished and energized.
  • 8 Smart Things to Do to Prepare for Your New Baby

    Having a child is a life-changing experience, and once the baby arrives, most new parents will have precious little time to themselves.
  • Natural Tips to Help Prevent Morning Sickness

    A little known fact about pregnancy-induced morning sickness is that it can actually last throughout the day. To reduce morning sickness naturally, expectant mothers can try many simple remedies proven to alleviate that queasy feeling.
  • Natural and Nontoxic Baby Products You Wouldn’t Think Of

    Preparing for a newborn can be a daunting task, especially when you realize how many supplies an infant requires. Shopping for natural, organic and nontoxic baby products is often a top priority for new parents, but you might be surprised to learn how many items you can purchase that fit the bill.

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