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Pregnancy Must-Have: Snooze More Soundly the Next Nine Months

Sleep. Dormir. Siesta. No matter the language, that simple word is music to an expectant mother’s ears. Yet, despite good-natured advice to “sleep as much as possible before the baby comes” those zzz’s are often difficult to achieve.

Hormones, temperature fluctuations, stress, nausea and discomfort are just a few of the things that can interrupt a good night’s sleep. Add in some children, for the women who already have tots running wild, and it’s the perfect recipe for exhaustion.

One of the simplest solutions is the very low-tech remedy of a pillow. That’s right, a pillow can help you snooze much better from the first to final trimester. It really is a pregnancy must-have!

There are many different types of maternity pillows, in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and types on the market. Boppy, the company known for the popular nursing pillows, makes a variety of maternity pillows. There are many other brands available, just make sure to find ones that have removable and washable covers.

Figuring out which maternity pillow works best might take some time. And some mothers prefer different pillows throughout the stages of pregnancy. Find out a little more about the types of pillows below:  

  • Wedge Pillow: Some moms prefer a smaller pillow such as a wedge pillow. This compact and economical pillow provides versatile support. It can be slipped between the knees, behind the back or underneath the belly. It’s also small enough to travel with easily.
  • Tear-shaped Pillow: Get a little extra support with this pillow that fits easily underneath the head or behind the back for more comfortable lounging. Moms can also use it for belly support between the legs or behind the belly to ease achy knees.   
  • Body Length Pillow: This pillow stretches the length of the mother’s body. It’s available in a flexible snake-like shape or a long rectangle. This option is good for women who were back-sleepers pre-pregnancy since having to force themselves to the side is difficult and uncomfortable.
  • Full Body Pillow: For expectant moms who need more support, a full body pillow is the best choice. These pillows are great for the last few months when it becomes particularly difficult to sleep with a large belly or for mothers expecting twins. Full body pillows are available in C or U shapes.

Sleep may seem elusive these next couple months but a comfortable pillow should be able to take a little burden off the body and give a mother all she wants: some deep sleep. Sweet dreams!  

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