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How to Kick Up Your Feet and Relax During Your Pregnancy

Just say “ahhhhh”. August 15th was #NationalRelaxationDay and there couldn’t be a better time to take it easy than during those nine months of pregnancy. Carrying that extra weight can cause serious back issues and other aches and pains. Water retention, nausea and carpal tunnel syndrome are just a few of the ailments that can accompany pregnancy. Growing a baby can also be a stressful and anxiety-ridden time. Concerns about the baby, while juggling work, doctor’s appointments and preparing for his or her arrival can cause any mother to make a beeline for the spa. Speaking of spas, that’s a perfect way to jump off into our discussion about finding ways to relax during pregnancy.

  • S-P-A. Those three letters are music to most women’s ears but particularly an expectant mother! A trip to the spa is the perfect prescription for relaxation during pregnancy. Schedule a day trip with girlfriends or, if possible de-stress with a weeklong or weekend babymoon. What’s better than a foot massage for those achy belly-carrying feet? Most spas offer an assortment of maternity-friendly treatments. While certain massages, saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs are not safe during pregnancy, there are many other treatments that can help a mom-to-be relax. Facials, manicures and pedicures can ease the pains and stresses of pregnancy. Also, during the later months of pregnancy massages can be a safe option. Just check with your doctor first.
  • Just Jump In: Exercise during pregnancy is essential. It helps keep the muscles limber and rejuvenates an achy, tired body. And during a time when caffeine can’t serve a fatigue Band-Aid, swimming is a great substitute to a cup of coffee. Not only does that extra weight suddenly disappear in the water but the H20 is refreshing, calming and cooling. For women, pregnant during the hot, summer months it’s a welcome respite. Swim some laps, take a water aerobics class or simply jump in and splash around!
  • Strike a Pose: Yoga is another great way to de-stress during pregnancy. The breathing techniques and calming poses can help a mother relax and take away some of the burdens from that belly. Most yoga studios offer prenatal yoga classes. Or, for mothers who already practiced pre-pregnancy, other yoga classes are safe. Just let the teacher know you’re pregnant and he or she will make sure the poses are safe. But stay away from hot yoga or classes that are too intense.
  • Walk it Off: Heading outside for some fresh air and exercise is a simple way to gain some energy and alleviate achy joints. It’s also a nice time to discuss any anxieties a mother may have about her pregnancy with her partner or friends. Grab some other expectant mothers or moms and stroll around the neighborhood or a local park.
  • R&R: Some good old fashioned rest and relaxation is what most mommies-to-be want. Keep taking your pregnancy vitamins and While it can be difficult to get to bed early (especially for moms who already have young children running around) try to rest whenever possible. Enlist grandparents and other caretakers to help. Growing a baby isn’t an easy task, keep taking your dha prenatal vitamins, exercise and stick to a healthy diet. Sit back, relax and try to enjoy the ride!
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