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Have You Considered All Types of Delivery Options?

It wasn’t long ago that women went into labor and how the baby came into this world was basically determined by the doctor. These days, expectant mothers can choose from a long list of delivery options. While this freedom of choice is refreshing, for some mothers deciding how to deliver can create quite the dilemma.

Should you go with a scheduled C-Section since your last birth entailed hours of labor and then ended up as an emergency C-Section anyway? A natural birth sounds nice but what if you decide it’s too painful?

While deliveries don’t always go as desired, and the goal is to end up with a healthy baby and mother, you are the master of your birth plan. To make this decision a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of the options available. And remember, no matter what delivery option you choose, taking DHA prenatal vitamins is essential for the health of your baby.

  • Vaginal Childbirth: When the mother arrives at the hospital she’ll be assessed to ensure she’s in active labor. Some women decide in advance if they prefer to labor naturally, while some wait to see how labor is progressing to make the decision.
  • Natural Childbirth: For some women childbirth sans an epidural or pain medications is the way to go. Mothers who choose to go this route often hire a doula or midwife. Dr. Ghozland’s office is one of the very few that respects and supports a woman’s decision to have an all-natural birth.
  • Ghozland’s Natural C-Section: One of the main issues many women have about C-Sections, in addition to the recovery time, is that they couldn’t hold their baby immediately following the birth. Dr. Ghozland’s Natural C-Section enables early interaction between mother and baby. In addition, a less invasive surgery decreases post-operative pain and shortens recovery time.
  • Scheduled Cesarean (C-Section): In some cases, doctors will recommend a scheduled C-Section. Or sometimes, a woman will prefer it. In this scenario, the mother and doctor will select an appropriate date together for the surgery.
  • Scheduled Induction: Inductions are scheduled when women have gone past their due dates or the physician recommends it. On the day of the mother’s induction, she will be administered labor-inducing medication called Pitocin.
  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC): Just because a mother had a previous C-Section doesn’t mean the next birth must follow the same route. For women who want to experience a vaginal birth, a VBAC may be a viable option. Talk to your doctor to find out if you’re a candidate.
  • Emergency Cesarean (C-Section): Births don’t always go as envisioned. When medically necessary your doctor may decide that a C-Section is the best plan for the health and safety of you and your baby.

Childbirth is beautiful and truly miraculous. Take some time to decide how you want to bring your little miracle into this world!

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