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Cheers To Post-Partum Weight Loss Smoothies

While some celebrities claim they lost those post-pregnancy pounds by “breast-feeding and chasing after their kids” for the rest of the population losing that extra weight doesn’t come naturally. Late nights, lack of sleep and barely enough time to shower, let alone prepare healthy meals, leaves some women wondering how any mommas bounce back.

But it is possible with a little pureed help. To beat bloat and help flatten the belly, it’s essential to jumpstart the day with a combination of raw fruits, veggies and additions such as almond milk, Greek yogurt and protein powder.

These breakfast blends shouldn’t contain any preservatives or sugar-laden additives. Whip up one of these smoothies and sip on it, rather than carb-load on bagels and donuts, and expect improved digestion and better regularity. That in turn, could lead to a flatter belly, more energy and weight loss. Seems like the perfect recipe for a new mom!

Although there are many “flat belly” smoothie recipes available online, the right combination will do the trick. Look for fruit that contains digestive-aiding enzymes such as pineapple, mango and papaya. And a spoonful of honey can also help everything run smoother thanks to all those bee-produced enzymes in the golden syrup.

While post-pregnancy weight loss may be on a mother’s mind, it’s also important to remember that, despite the name, mommas shouldn’t stop taking prenatal vitamins after giving birth. Continuing to take these vitamins will help ensure that breastfeeding moms are getting all the essentials, such as folic acid, calcium and iron, and in turn passing along those nutrients to their babies. Moms who aren’t breastfeeding can also benefit from prenatal vitamins postpartum since the delivery drains iron.

There are numerous options available, with pills that can be taken one, two or three times daily or even drinkable prenatal vitamins. These nutrient-packed vitamins are easier on the stomach than many of their pill-form sisters. Simply add the powder to smoothies, water or juice.

A delicious combination of blueberries, almond butter, yogurt, kale and pineapple will lead to postpartum weight loss and a flatter belly? Fire up your blenders ladies!

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