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  • Cheers To Post-Partum Weight Loss Smoothies

    While some celebrities claim they lost those post-pregnancy pounds by “breast-feeding and chasing after their kids” for the rest of the population losing that extra weight doesn’t come naturally. Late nights, lack of sleep and barely enough time to shower, let alone prepare healthy meals, leaves some women wondering how any mommas bounce back.
  • Your Baby in the Womb at the Beginning

    The lines on that stick have not turned blue yet but the body is already miraculously mixing up the right stuff to make a baby. About a week before conception the body is working double time.
  • How to Kick Up Your Feet and Relax During Your Pregnancy

    Just say “ahhhhh”. August 15th was #NationalRelaxationDay and there couldn’t be a better time to take it easy than during those nine months of pregnancy. Carrying that extra weight can cause serious back issues and other aches and pains.
  • Pregnancy Must-Have: Snooze More Soundly the Next Nine Months

    Sleep. Dormir. Siesta. No matter the language, that simple word is music to an expectant mother’s ears. Yet, despite good-natured advice to “sleep as much as possible before the baby comes” those zzz’s are often difficult to achieve.
  • Have You Considered All Types of Delivery Options?

    It wasn’t long ago that women went into labor and how the baby came into this world was basically determined by the doctor. These days, expectant mothers can choose from a long list of delivery options.

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