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Men’s Top Sperm Heroes: Fabulous Folate, Testosterone Torrent and More

Conception can be so mysteriously eluding. Couples experienced with infertility know the utter frustration: why can’t we get pregnant? So many things can impact success or failure – inferior sperm, dietary insufficiencies, poor blood circulation among them – that a man and woman could do nearly everything right and still remain unsuccessful.

With so much information available, where does a struggling couple turn?

A woman releases only hundreds of eggs over a lifetime, up to about 400 eggs, compared with millions of sperm produced every day in men. Just a few revealing facts could help lead to the wonderful moment when she exclaims, “We’re pregnant!”

Tips for Men to Boost Fertility

Here’s what we consider Simple Tips for Men to Boost Fertility:

·       Folate, Folate, Folate. Often called folic acid or Vitamin B9, modern doctors routinely recommend it for pregnant women. It may be surprising, though, how crucial folate is for sperm production. Folate is involved with spermatogenesis, the process which produces sperm from stem cells. Insufficient folate causes problems like anemia, but also in men could reduce sperm quality and even cause chromosomal abnormalities in sperm. Men, get your recommended 400 milligrams of folic acid daily whether through supplements or eating foods like dark green, leafy vegetables or beans.

·       Think Testosterone. While folate affects sperm quality, testosterone levels dictate quantity. A low sperm count means fewer sperm than normal in semen – and reduces chances for pregnancy. Testosterone is intrinsically linked with sperm production in men’s bodies, so low testosterone equals low sperm count. Exercise is a natural ways to boost testosterone levels. Side note: artificial boosting, like testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), can have the opposite effect and prolong infertility.

·       Other Sperm-Enhancing Tricks. While the suggestions above are critical, other actions can improve sperm count and quality to hopefully result in conception.

  • Be Cool. A man’s testes function best when cooler – it’s why they are located outside the body. Beware of hot tubs, saunas, laptops on the lap or warmth-producing clothing while trying to get pregnant.
  • Be Active. Obesity is linked with low sperm counts and negatively affecting sexual performance.
  • Be Abstinent. Alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs including marijuana and cocaine can impair sexual function or lower sperm count. Coffee is said to be a no-no, too.
  • Watch Meds. Talk with your doctor about whether any medications hurt chances for conception. Some studies indicate antidepressants can result in inferior sperm.
  • Watch Diet. For protein, stick with seafood or nuts; processed meats and foods ultra-high in sugar can reduce sperm count. It has been shown that eating more poultry or oysters can boost testosterone. Skip the fast food burgers, sausage and bacon for a while.


An estimated one in every 10 U.S. couples struggle with infertility, and among them, issues with the man could be responsible for nearly a third of the time. Tackle it head-on by assuring proper folate intake (400 milligrams of folic acid daily) and other life adjustments to increase the odds of making that baby.

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