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Non Constipating Prenatal Vitamins: What You Need to Know

Maintaining a healthy pregnancy involves a huge demand for a variety of nutrients – and expectant mothers interested in non-constipating prenatal vitamins are not alone. Most women are directed to prenatal vitamins which unfortunately contain basic elemental irons not easily absorbed by the body. This can result in side effects including constipation and nausea, which nudges soon-to-be moms to explore alternatives. These searches often reveal Ferrochel ferrous bisglycinate chelate as a solution.

The Distinctive Ferrochel Partners with Amino Acids

The demand for non-constipating prenatal vitamins is robust. Iron supplements can cause constipation whether you’re expecting or not. It’s a reason why some doctors recommend “slow-release” iron supplements; yet even these types of iron augmentation have drawbacks. Ferrochel is a distinctive iron that pairs with amino acids to boost absorption and improve your body’s ability to tolerate the iron profusion.

The Iron-Deficiency Dilemma

Finding non-constipating prenatal vitamins is not easy and a reason why women sometimes turn to Ferrochel to avoid the digestive discomfort while still getting the needed iron. Many women suffer from iron-deficiency anemia even if not pregnant. However during pregnancy, it’s vital to maintain a healthy level of red blood cells which assist with the flow of oxygen to unborn infants. While most prenatal vitamins include an iron supplement, frequently it involves generic iron and little consideration for side effects.

Anemia Symptoms, and Prevention

While pregnant, a woman’s body will need double the amount of iron as before the pregnancy. Think about it: you’re eating for two, and your body needs iron to help get blood to the unborn child. Namely red blood cells, which help prevent anemia. If you are pregnant,you may already notice some anemia symptoms:

·         General fatigue

·         Feeling weak

·         Shortness of breath

·         Dizziness

·         Cold extremities (e.g. hands and feet)

·         Fast or irregular heartbeat

·         Brittle nails

·         Headaches

Ferrochel Benefits Reach Beyond Pregnancy

The benefits of Ferrochel reach beyond expectant mothers seeking non-constipating prenatal vitamins or other supplements to improve health without suffering uncomfortable side effects. For instance, professionals working with ADHD children have noted how Ferrochel addresses iron-deficiency issues in children without the yucky after-effects. They note Ferrochel’s pairing with amino acids results in better absorption by the body – as opposed to iron supplements without the amino acid link which roam freely in the bloodstream. Estimates indicate Ferrochel provides a 75 percent absorption rate, compared with 10 percent for most iron supplements. This is extraordinary news for your pregnancy.

Tackling Anemia through Diet Alone

Some assessments say about half of pregnant women need more iron. Addressing this through diet alone can prove difficult. Left unaddressed, anemia through a pregnancy can result in a low birth weight, or even a premature delivery. Many health care pros advocate Ferrochel to replete iron and improve its absorption rate into the bodies of pregnant women.

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