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5 Smoothie Recipe Ideas that Benefit Mommy and Baby

Early in a pregnancy moms-to-be learn much about previously non-vital things like vitamin intake, so thinking about a drinkable prenatal vitamin is quite normal. Before the pregnancy, vitamins might have bottomed you “To-Do” list for the day. Yet once you’re “eating for two” as they say it’s normal to contemplate how to get what you (both) need – and how to feel better while doing it.

Any person, pregnant or otherwise, can feel the ill-effects of vitamin overload. Iron supplements can constipate, too much vitamin A can make you dizzy, etc. We all hear “take with food” and most know the consequences of ignoring it. Expectant mothers need a large amount nutrients and they quickly learn all about vitamins.

How do you increase your intake in vitamins without feeling sick? Searching for a nutrient-rich yet tasty prenatal vitamin can seem like the quest for the Holy Grail for expectant mothers.  This nudges expectant mothers toward the drinkable prenatal vitamin.

The ‘Tumultuous’ Morning Sickness

Information about a drinkable prenatal vitamin can offer a great menu with options. For instance, morning sickness is so typical of early pregnancy it’s almost become cliché. Some describe the period as a “tumultuous time”  – and that might be generous. Nausea. Drowsiness. Lethargy. Sound familiar?

Why Drinkable Prenatal Vitamins?

Reasons many moms seek a drinkable prenatal vitamin vary. A recurring thought is stomach discomfort. Drinking a vitamin, mixed with other ingredients, lessens the blow so to speak. Pills are packed with vitamins, minerals or herbs and taken in one shot can shock your system. Drinking the vitamins inside food can turn an otherwise harsh vitamin into something tolerable to your tummy.

So where does an expecting mom turn? Try these 5 smoothies for your drinkable vitamin fix.

  1. Coconut Water-Banana Smoothie

From, this recipe soothes with coconut water, oatmeal, banana, almonds, ginger, honey and more for a tasty and hydrating picker-upper any time. Coconut water hydrates naturally and offers electrolytes like potassium. And dehydration is a huge trigger for morning sickness. Hit it head-on with this coconut-based goody. See the site for the simple recipe.

  1. Cucumber-Cantaloupe Cooler

Trusted pregnancy-info site, offers this delight sure to help set the ginger ale and crackers aside. This refresher provides lots of calcium, vitamin C and the ever-needed protein. A touch of mint eases the heat-related discomfort. With hot months approaching this cool pleasure should be top-of-mind on an ongoing basis.

  1. Banana-Ginger Smoothie

Bananas are almost overdone in the stomach-soothing discourse, but overlooked is the wonderful anti-inflammatory properties of ginger. From comes this wonderful recipe that soothes digestion while satisfying the taste buds.

Keep ginger in mind throughout the pregnancy, as the spice always seems to quell even the nastiest of stomach woes. Yogurt also brings its own desirable benefits to the table.

  1. Beet Juice

When new moms think soothing, they usually don’t also think bitterness. Yet beetroot juice provides a plethora of health benefits including digestive support, constipation relief, iron-deficiency demands and blood pressure management. This recipe offers a wonderful mix of taste and nutrition.

Note: Do not overdo beetroot juice. Don’t exceed a half-serving with beetroot daily. Adding water reduces effects.

  1. Perfect Pregnancy Smoothie

Just in from the West Coast-based healthy eating expert Natural Tasty Chef is this keeper  for supreme dietary as well as culinary delight. The recipe brings strong doses of things you’ve heard about before: vitamins A, B6, C and K; potassium; magnesium; folate; omega fatty acids; protein; and electrolytes. Read closely for the super-beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. Visit the site to see how easy this delicious concoction is to make! Natural and tasty? Count us in!

Honorable Mentions

Social media platforms like Pinterest are a great tool to discover pregnancy-friendly recipes like this one. Vitamin supplements give an important nutritional boost for both mama and baby while pregnant, but they’re not always tolerable to the tummy. Iron supplements, for instance, are known to cause nausea, vomiting or constipation. Try a drinkable prenatal vitamin with ferrochel iron to reduce constipation. Juices with pumpkins, carrots and/or apples are said to be helpful. During pregnancy your body needs about double the amount of iron as before. Juices and smoothies with fruit juices meet the vitamin intake needs while also easing the stomach and pleasing the taste buds.

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