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  • Celebrate International Yoga Day – by Getting into a Prenatal Yoga Routine

    In honor of International Yoga Day today, let’s revisit prenatal yoga and how the ancient practice can be incorporated into a broad pregnancy health plan along with modern conveniences like drinkable prenatal vitamins.
  • To Boost Fertility, Repeat the Axiom: ‘Vitamins for Pregnancy’

    Baseball has a popular expression, “winning starts with pitching.” Hopeful future parents seeking improved fertility could have their own simple catchphrase: “Vitamins for pregnancy.” There are so many tips available today to improve chances for conception. It can be overwhelming for a potential mom-to-be. It is easier to just strip it to the basics. Start with vitamins and nutrients that help a pregnancy – to initiate it, and also to maintain it.
  • 5 Smoothie Recipe Ideas that Benefit Mommy and Baby

    Early in a pregnancy moms-to-be learn much about previously non-vital things like vitamin intake, so thinking about a drinkable prenatal vitamin is quite normal. Before the pregnancy, vitamins might have bottomed you “To-Do” list for the day. Yet once you’re “eating for two” as they say it’s normal to contemplate how to get what you (both) need – and how to feel better while doing it.
  • Non Constipating Prenatal Vitamins: What You Need to Know

    Maintaining a healthy pregnancy involves a huge demand for a variety of nutrients – and expectant mothers interested in non-constipating prenatal vitamins are not alone.

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