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Monthly Archives: March 2016

  • Health Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

    The practice of yoga has many documented health benefits. But did you know that prenatal yoga has been proven to offer numerous specific benefits to women who are expecting?
  • Healthy and Delicious Pregnancy Meal Ideas

    Eating a healthy, balanced diet is always important, but never more so than during pregnancy. When a woman is “eating for two,” it is essential to prepare healthy pregnancy meals that offer a rich array of vitamins and minerals to keep you nourished and energized.
  • Over the counter vs Prescription Prenatal Vitamins –Is There Any Real Difference?

    Pregnancy is a very important time to ensure you are getting ample supplies of vitamins and minerals. For many expectant moms, that could mean a recommendation for prescription prenatal vitamins, although generic alternatives may also be an option.

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