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Natural and Nontoxic Baby Products You Wouldn’t Think Of

Preparing for a newborn can be a daunting task, especially when you realize how many supplies an infant requires. Shopping for natural, organic and nontoxic baby products is often a top priority for new parents, but you might be surprised to learn how many items you can purchase that fit the bill. The list goes well beyond food and toys, and some key items that can be included on your “all-natural” shopping trip include: Bedding, Personal Care Items, Diapers and Diaper bag Supplies, Car Seats and Travel Items, Pacifiers, Furniture, and Clothing.

The crib is often one of the first big-ticket items a new parent purchases. Experts suggest beginning with a solid wood crib finished with low-toxic paint. You can also opt for unfinished wood. When shopping for infant crib sheets and bedding, look for mattresses made from wool, cotton or natural latex, and avoid PVC/vinyl waterproofing materials along with antibacterial or stain treatments. When it comes to sheets, look for natural fibers like 100% cotton to keep the baby’s tender skin protected.

The personal care shelf of most stores is filled with non-essential baby products containing fragrances, perfumes and dyes. When looking for must-haves like lotions and shampoos, choose fragrance-free products that are free from added dyes and colors. Baby oil, an infant-care basic, should be plant based. Remember to read labels carefully! When choosing the most non-toxic baby products, even certain powders and laundry soaps can cause irritation.

Other considerations include choosing:

  • Chlorine-free and fragrance-free disposable diapers, (if budget permits, consider a cloth diaper service)
  • Fragrance-free disposable wipes
  • Changing pads free of polyurethane foam or PVC/vinyl

When it comes to feeding your baby, choosing baby food that is certified organic is a healthy decision that will help your baby grow and thrive. Equally important is the choice of food containers.  Consider glass baby bottles to avoid the possibility of unwanted chemicals transmitted from plastic bottles. Also, when shopping for formula, look for powdered versus ready-made options sold in metal containers, which could also transmit unwanted chemicals that could be ingested by your baby.

Raising healthy children begins when there are newborns, and with the abundance of affordable natural baby products, healthy organic baby products and non-toxic products and supplies that are available, parents can feel confident that they are making choices that will positively impact their child’s wellbeing for years to come.

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